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Photo Credits
for the Mono Lake Website

The Mono Lake Committee thanks the generous photographers who have donated the use of their work to us.

Homepage photos
The panning images on our homepage change with the seasons:

Spring 2017

Pirate Ship Tufa, Mono Lake
California Gulls return to Mono Lake each spring to build nests, lay eggs, and raise chicks on the islands. Photo by Russ Taylor.

Eared Grebe on Mono Lake
Blooming bitterbrush paints the Mono Basin's landscape pale yellow in spring. Photo by Elin Ljung.

Eared Grebe on Mono Lake
Spring is the season for school groups to visit Mono Lake to learn about its ecology and history. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

pronghorn, Mono Basin
A season of lengthening days and warmer temperatures, spring brings birds and wildlife back to the Mono Basin. Photo courtesy of Richard Erb.

All other web pages
Current and former Mono Lake Committee staff are credited in the top banner photos and by mouseover tag (in Internet Explorer) for photos elsewhere on the page.

Photos by non-staff are credited in the banner photos and by mouseover as well. Many thanks to the following generous photographers:

Matt Banta
Jeff Grandy
Robb Hirsch

Justin Hite
Rick Kattelmann
Richard Knepp
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
Matt Ludin
Chris McCreedy
Thomas Piekunka
Marie Read
Russ Taylor
Inge Weidmann
Wendy Cristina Willis
Ben Winger

David Winkler


Donate your photos!

We are always looking for beautiful photos of Mono Lake to publish in our quarterly Newsletter and on our website.

If you have photographs of Mono Lake and would like to donate the use of them to the Mono Lake Committee, we would be eternally grateful!

While we cannot offer financial compensation, we always include photo credits and/or web addresses to get your name out into the world and express our thanks.

Please contact our Communications Coordinator Elin Ljung, at (760) 647-6595.

Requests for permission to use photos found on this website should be emailed to us.

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