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Speaking for Mono Lake and Water Use Efficiency

Since 1978, the Mono Lake Committee has been a voice for Mono Lake, researching, negotiating, litigating, and lobbying for Mono Lake's protection. As advocates for cooperative solutions to water supply problems, the Mono Lake Committee has also become a voice for water use efficiency.

Photo of thunderstorm at sunset by Inge WeidmannProtecting Mono Lake and its streams and surrounding lands requires thoughtful planning, nimble advocacy, and continuing vigilance. Mono Lake faces many challenges familiar to natural areas across the state: increasing demand for water, unplanned land development, increasing recreational use, changeable politics, underfunded management agencies, and climate change, to name some big ones. Other challenges are unique to this place, such as threats to the Congressional protection of the lands surrounding the lake. And of course, Mono Lake needs our ongoing vigilance to assure that our past victories remain in place and strong.

To protect Mono Lake, the Committee develops and advocates positive, principled, proactive solutions to problems. We assure that public policies and on-the-ground activities will benefit Mono Lake, its tributary streams, and surrounding lands. We bring our expertise to forums ranging from lake management to Sacramento legislation, to local land use policy to Los Angeles politics, to hydropower relicensing to federal air quality regulation to Mono County code.




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